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My Story

Jeff Morin is the fly fisherman and fly tier behind Jefé on the fly. Jeff is the recipient of the Fly Fishing International Fly Tying Bronze and Silver award and attended AC Fly Fishing Guide School in Redding, CA.

Everyone has a tale that led to their fly fishing addiction. Jeff’s began one rainy spring morning in Sacramento. He was standing waist deep in a cold run on the American River, catching Shad on a 5 wt. rod. Jeff and his sons won the Kiene’s Shad Derby that year and he was hooked (pun intended).
With no fear, well maybe a little, and his direct  approach he asked Kiene's Fly shop for a job as a part time sales associate. Working at Kiene’s Fly Shop provided him the opportunity to immerse himself in the industry and surround himself with like minded fly fishing customers, mentors, and peers. ​
His passion, dedication, and obsession with fly fishing and fly tying fueled his growth as a shop fly tier. Jeff began filling fly bins at the shop, and providing contract fly tying services to the local customers. He was one of the two resident fly tying instructors at the shop offering private and group beginner lessons along with seasonal fly tying clinics.

Jeff proudly served his community as a paramedic for 10 years for a private ambulance company before accepting a national management desk job at the same company. He also volunteered as a delivery driver for Meals on Wheels. Loyalty, pride and dedication keeps him serving his peers and community .

Jefé on the fly wouldn’t happen without his wonderful and supportive partner and wife for more than twenty years. Teaching her and their twin boys how to fly fish for shad was a life pausing event. Especially, when he asked one of his sons if he needed help netting a fish and the reply was, “No Dad, I got it” as the son bellied a shad to his hip.​


photo by Sam Yee

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