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photo provided by Nancy Gould

Nancy Gould

I have taken two fly tying classes from Jeff.  One for steelhead flies and one for bass flies.  Each class was packed with information about the flies and even how to fish them.  Jeffs excitement and love for tying flies and fly fishing comes through clearly.   I came away from each class learning several new tying techniques as well as working with different materials.  The classes are fun and entertaining.  Both classes were very relaxed and very fun!  I would highly recommend taking any of his classes and I look forward to more opportunities in the future! 

Richard Mesa


photo provided by Richard Mesa

Richard Mesa

Tying with Jeff Morin is a fun way to develop your fly tying skills. I've learned new techniques and better yet productive new flies. 


photo provided by Ron Rabun

Ron Rabun

I needed some Bonefish Clousers to specification for a trip to the Cook Islands. Jeff tied the flies to spec in a very short time. 


photo provided by Andy Guibord

Andy Guibord

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a fly fall apart on you. That is not a worry when fishing the superbly tied flies that my friend, Jeff Morin, custom ties to your request. I’ve landed fish after fish on flies into which Jeff pours his talent and joy of tying.

David Krawitz

After taking a number of private lessons and attending a few group workshops with Jeff (Jefe on the Fly), I can say with certainty that there is no possible better way for one to get their feet wet with fly tying. Jeff made it really easy to follow his lead in private lessons and provided detailed instructions and materials lists so that I could practice tying at home. After completing the private four course series, Jeff agreed to create additional lesson plans to get me tying dry flies that I regularly use in the field. In comparing the available online resources that many use to get into this hobby, I'm so grateful that I found Jeff and went through his intro lesson plan - I feel like I'm a better novice tier because of it! I cant recommend Jefe on the Fly enough!

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photo provided by David Krawitz

Jason Olson

Jeff is a fly tying artist. He will customize flies to meet your needs in a timely manner.  Jeff is also a great fly tying instructor who enjoys sharing his craft with beginners and advanced clients.



photo provided by Jason Olson

Joe Colton

I have been a fly fisher for years but never tied a fly. I decided it was time for me to learn about fly tying. Last winter I heard that Jeff Morin was giving small group lessons at Kiene’s fly shop. I am long retired and my fingers don’t work like they used to, but Jeff got me started and I can tie some basic patterns. I highly recommend him.


photo provided by Joe Colton


photo provided by Michael Harrison

Michael Harrison

I had a trip planned to fish the Madison and Gallatin river. I needed some flies for the trip and Jefe delivered!  He was polite, professional and the flies were on point as well! 


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